Why do we worry?


No human on the earth has not experienced the feeling of Anxiety. It is one of the common negative feelings, as it expresses an emotional state that can not be controlled or even avoided.
  There is nothing wrong with it if it happens from time to time, but the problem is if anxiety becomes part of our life, it becomes one of the serious psychological diseases that are difficult to control. We have chosen this topic because of its sensitivity and to offer you a helping hand to avoid it, especially what is known as psychological anxiety in adolescence due to the transitional age they are going through and the changes they experience during this period, and from here we will explain to you how to treat anxiety.
  So let's get started:

Why do we worry?

 Psychological anxiety:

 There is no doubt that anxiety is a natural feeling that happens to anyone from time to time, anxiety is a  result of a specific reason such as worry about what is coming in the future or about exams. 

 Psychological anxiety, it is a pathological condition that puts the person in constant worry about everything that surrounding him.
 Psychological anxiety is divided into several types, the most famous kind are:

Panic disorder:

 It is the height of psychological anxiety in which a person suffers severe panic attacks accompanied by shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat.
 Obsessive-compulsive disorder: It is a mental illness accompanied by a lot of thinking about things that may be illusory and building a strong reaction on this basis.

Social phobia: 

Anxiety about being with a lot of people, such as social occasions, due to the inability to deal with them, and this is the result of a lack of self confidence.
 Psychological anxiety is accompanied by several apparent symptoms, including the following:

  •  Rapid heartbeat.

  •  Breathing disorder.

  •  Sense of suffocation.

  •  The person becomes nervous and his reactions are violent.

  •  Severe pain in the stomach and abdomen.

  •  The body sweats significantly.

  •  Having diarrhea.

  •  Feeling of pain in the neck.

  •  Insomnia.

  •  Constant headache.

 Our era has become described as the era of anxiety and tension due to the life fluctuations that occur and touched all segments of society, and we are now going to talk about psychological anxiety among adolescents, taking care of their mental health is very necessary for the youth.
 This natural anxiety is due to the new psychological changes in adolescents, as they exited the childhood stage without warning and it takes some time to adapt with the situation.

 Herbal treatment for anxiety:

 Herbs have many benefits, including relieving anxiety, and among these herbs:

  1.  chamomile

  2.  lavender

  3.  mint

 Psychological counseling:  

This method is carried out by consulting a psychologist and following what he dictates that leads to getting rid of anxiety.

 Medication treatment: Here, medications work to relieve symptoms of anxiety,  medication vary according to those who take them. And none of them is taken without consulting a doctor