Health benefits of eating oats


Health benefits of eating oats

Oats are a whole grain, a herbaceous plant belonging to the Poaceae family, a phylum of seeds and eukaryotes, scientifically called (Avena sativa).
Oat products are one of the required and inexpensive foods because of its great benefits, it has swept the markets in most countries around the world, including the United States of America. oats does not contain any percentage of cholesterol and it's
a gluten-free, after reading this article, you will include oats in your diet for sure.

General benefits of oats:

Oats are one of the foods rich in essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and other fibers, which bring to the body many health benefits, including:
  •         Eating oats on a regular basis keeps the heart healthy and protect it from disease because it contains a significant amount
        of soluble fibres.
  •          The fiber in oats helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by increasing the secretion of cholesterol from the bile.
  •         Oats are used to lose weight because they contain low calories and a high amount of fiber.
  •         It protects the body from several diseases such as cancer,  because it contains effective antioxidants.
  • Eating oats is a good diet that reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  •         It helps moisturize the skin and enhance it's softness, so we find it in many natural skin care recipes.
  •         Eating oats regularly helps to get rid of the problem of constipation because it contains a large amount of fiber.

Statistics indicate that many people have adopted oats as a basic meal in their diet due to its many benefits and reasonable price, and they have formed various recipes, all of which are 100% healthy like :

Oatmeal drink:

It is considered a healthy meal, rich and very tasty, and there are several recipes to prepare it, today we will teach you how to prepare the most delicious oats drink with carrots,  cut two carrots into squares + one potato cut into squares + cut an onion and 3 cloves of garlic + a spoonful of parsley + two tablespoons of olive oil + A little salt, cumin and black pepper + 3 large supplements of oats, where we put onions and garlic in hot oil, then add the rest of the ingredients except for the oats and leave them for 5 minutes over the fire, then cover them with water and after the vegetables are level, we grind them well and at the end add the oats gradually and put the mixture Over the fire for only 5 minutes, the oatmeal drink becomes very tasty, especially in cold weather. It is a nutritious and useful meal, especially for diabetics and anemia patients.

Using oats for the face:

No one does not like to care his face, oats make the task easier for us, as it's benefits are not few in order to enjoy a bright face free of problems and dehydration.
Therefore, we decided to make the process easier for you by presenting
An easy and simple mixture with ingredients available in every home, which are exfoliating and masking at the same time. Let's go:
(We put two tablespoons of small oat flakes, we also add two tablespoons of milk and leave the mixture for two minutes until the ingredients merge at the end, add to the mixture a tablespoon of honey and mix everything, so now it is ready and you can place it directly on your face for a quarter of an hour and then rub your face with circular movements then wash it with warm water. We hope you like this method.

Oats for weight loss:

Obesity is one of the most common problems at the present time because it causes many diseases and psychological crises that may reach severe depression, so we chose for you oats, which is one of the most popular meals included in diets that return very satisfactory results, because: 
  •  It helps to regulate blood sugar. Which in turn leads to the right weight

  •     Eating oatmeal for breakfast makes the person feel full during the day, so you will not eat unhealthy meals.
  •     Reduces unwanted calories in the body.
  •      Eating oats regularly reduces fats, especially those that accumulate in the abdomen.