It’s All About the Abs

It’s All About the Abs

If you struggle to improve the Abdominal area of your body, don’t worry you’re not alone!  Researchers showed that Every year people spend around 5000 dollars on supplements, exercise classes, and personal training sessions with the sole purpose of improving their abs.

It’s All About the Abs

 I’m sure if I asked 100 people whether they wanted six-pack abs, almost all of them would reply “YES” without any hesitation. if I asked those same 100 people how to achieve six-pack abs, I can almost guarantee that half of the responses would contain myths, confusion and rumors.

For me, most people are wasting their time and neglecting crucial muscles during their typical ab-training sessions. Make sure that education about exercise and nutrition can be one of your biggest allies in the gym. In this article, we will review basic anatomy, common myths, and we will give you some helpful tips and effective exercises, and diet adjustments that will help  you in your quest to achieve a sculpted midline and enviable six-pack abs.

Ab Anatomy:

 This muscle helps with flexion, or shortening of the spinal column; is activated when we move side-to-side; and assists with trunk stabilization during various movements. The next group of muscles (which many use the word “muffin top” to describe) is the external oblique. These muscles run diagonally on each side of the rectus abdominis. They can be found between the lower rib region and the pelvis. These muscles help with side-to-side bending, flexion of the spinal column, torso rotation, and compression of the abdomen. They create right angles with the external obliques; therefore they are often referred to as opposite-side rotators. When you rotate your trunk to the left, the external obliques on your right side will contract and when you rotate to the right, the left external obliques will contract. The deepest part of the abdominals is the transversus abdominis, which wraps like a corset horizontally around the trunk and from the ribs to the pelvis. Its primary role is to assist with breathing, especially exhalation from the lungs. It also helps with the stabilization of the spine.And the last group of muscles we will discuss here are the hip flexors, which help move the trunk and legs into flexion movements.


Common Myths:

Here are  some of the most common myths about how to build six-pack abs:

  1.  I just have to do a  crunches and sit-ups a day
  2. I should avoid carbs.
  3.   I have to be skinny. Lowering your body fat will help uncover your muscles. However, you must HAVE muscle there in the first place!

Helpful Tips:

 Here are the most helpful tips I use myself as I train to achieve better results:

Abs are a muscle! i know all of you knows that  But it has to be said. Many of you work on your chest and biceps by hitting a multitude of exercises, increasing your intensity and switching your routine to avoid plateaus. Why would not you treat your abs the same way? abs are not magical muscles that require a different approach than your other muscles. 

Work in different movements! The abs can move in several directions, including flexion (shortening) of both the upper and lower abs and flexion of the hips, as well as laterally via flexion of the obliques. They also can rotate! So why are we spending so much time just performing flexion or crunching exercises and neglecting all the other movements? An effective six-pack building program will contain a healthy balance of exercises that work in all these different movement patterns.

 Abs are made in the kitchen! You’ve heard this statement before. Well, this one is not a myth.

Avoid foods that cause stomach irritation I know there’s a lot of hype about gluten. But I personally experience some gluten sensitivity, which causes my stomach to bloat, hiding the six-pack abs that I need to possess as a fitness competitor. Avoiding foods with gluten is your personal choice .

 Perform ab exercises earlier and often ! If you’re looking for six-pack abs, do not wait until the end of your workout to train them You’re probably tired and ready to go home. Areas of focus or concern should not be left to the end of a workout, when you might not have enough energy in the tank to execute an adequate effort. And working your abs more often (with enough rest in between, of course) will lead to better results than only working them once a week.

 Breathe  during the exercises.

 Top 8 Six-Pack Abs Exercises:

 now you’re aware of the basic anatomy, common myths or misconceptions, and help-ful tips when it comes to developing six-pack abs! Fantastic! But you simply can’t achieve a wash-board set without actually exercising these muscles. So let’s go over the 8 abs exercises I have found to be most effective and envy-producing.


Spider Plank 

Cable or Resistance Band Rotation 

Swiss Ball Rollout 

Reverse Crunch

TRX Pike

TRX Side-Plank 

TRX Pendulum